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      Puppy Kindergarten 
For Puppies Ages 12 Weeks to 5 Months
Puppy Kindergarten can give you and your pup a great start together!
It is an opportunity for a weekly outing with your puppy with the supervision of a skilled instructor to help you.
You and your puppy develop a working relationship that enables you to safely take the puppy out for other social experiences and continued training.
Check our "Training Classes" page for our current schedule and contact information.  Bring your puppy's shot record to sign up the first week.  All 12-week-old puppies should have received a minimum of two puppy shots with the second shot at least a week prior to the first week of class.  Each session is six weeks and costs $100.00.
Don't feed your puppy his/her evening meal before class
Bring soft treats, collar and a 4' to 6' leash.
Don't forget to bring your pup's shot record (proof of 2 puppy vaccinations)  
Potty your puppy before you leave the house to minimize 'accidents'.

Puppy Kindergarten:
Using "positive" reinforcement, learn to teach your puppy to:
Sit and Sit Stay
Down and Down Stay
Come when Called
Walk on a Loose Leash
Build socialization skills with other puppies during off-leash play time.
Covers Basic Grooming and General Manners (jumping, bite inhibition, etc.)
Contact our Instructor for more information by emailing: 





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